Most of the Residential Garage Door can come in two types of spring. The torsion and the extension. The torsion spring is characterized by a heavy-duty garage door spring that attached to a metal rod that operates parallel to the door which is located above the door opening. It is a spring that is loaded or tensioned with a twisting action. The cables connected to the under corners of the door pull on the pulleys that are attached at the end of the rod where the spring is mounted when the door is being closed.

On the other hand, the pulleys twist the rod which in turn twist the springs that create tension. When the door is opened, the springs unwind and lift the door. Extension spring is characterized by a long, lightweight spring that runs perpendicular to the door. The spring is mounted on the horizontal parts of your door tracks where it provides tension by stretching out by means of using the cables and pulleys.

These two types of garage door springs can be damaged by any means necessary. A safety cable could help the spring in the event of the breakage. It is advisable that old springs without safety cables should be installed even without replacing the springs. However, it doesn’t mean that your garage door is not far into damage and replacement. It always happens in many of the residential garage door owners and they tend to call for repairs.



In addition, garage door spring repairs always involved the replacement of the garage door spring. The springs are part of the garage door itself and not the garage door opener only. The springs function in assisting to make it easier to raise and lower the garage door. This is where the springs do their job well and usually last for a long time. But eventually, the garage door spring will be affected by the weather changes which in turn, will tend to damage the metal that will lead to breakage.

Furthermore, the process for garage door spring repairs can be called out once the door has become too difficult to lift, it produces a noise than normal and the garage door is not working very smoothly anymore. Call for a garage door spring repair if you observed that your garage door is not working normally as it is before and if you observed any sign of defect. The Garage Door Repair Virginia Beach offers services in garage door spring repair. We are providing services that are detail and quality oriented work. As much as possible, we fixed the door right away. We are offering fast services to our clients who are badly in need of fixing their broken garage door spring.

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