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Making your Garage Door Last with Simple Maintenance

Here at Integrity Garage Door Repair Virginia Beach, we often hear from customers surprised by how long routine maintenance can extend the life of their doors. Whether it’s just a few years or even decades down the line, proper adjustments go a long way in preventing early wear and expensive repairs. With garage doors facing weather extremes and frequent use, it makes sense to give them some TLC. In this post, we’ll outline simple checks that can be done annually to help your door last as long as possible.

Garage Door Simple Maintenance

Lubrication is Key

Perhaps the most crucial – yet easiest – maintenance is lubrication. We recommend applying a dry silicone spray or light machine oil to all moving parts and hinges once a year in late winter. This protects metal surfaces from moisture and reduces friction during operation. Pay close attention to…

  • Pivots and Rollers
  • Hinges and brackets
  • Tracks
  • Pulleys
  • Cables

A lubricating coating prevents corrosion and rust buildup, preserving smooth door movement over many open/close cycles. Keep an eye out for worn parts while lubricating too.

Examine Mounting Hardware

Over time, vibration can cause bolts and screws retaining track brackets or spring assemblies to loosen. Once a year, check that all fasteners are tightened securely to prevent hardware issues down the road. Also inspect for cracked welds, brackets, or structural damage that mounting hardware covers up. Addressing problems now is less expensive than waiting for something to fail entirely.

Balance Check-Up

Imbalanced doors show excessive wear more quickly and can even become unsafe to operate. Every 6-12 months, gently lift the door manually while closed to test for balance. Cables or springs may need slight tightening if the door feels noticeably heavy or drifts down. Contact us if imbalance is detected – we can properly adjust or replace worn components promptly.

Inspect the Weather Seal

Harsh sun and rain break down weatherstripping over the years. Check your door’s seal annually for cracks, holes or separations that compromise its barrier. Aging seal can also be cause of drafts around the door. Replacing weatherstriping ourselves takes about an hour and prevents drafts, dust and moisture intrusion that damages other parts more quickly.

Paint Touch-Ups

Applying a fresh coat of high-quality paint or stain yearly in problem areas prolongs the life of any wood, metal or composite doors prone to chipping or fading. This small effort protects surfaces from deterioration factors like sun and precipitation. We always use paint rated for garage doors.

Give the Operator a Check

Often overlooked, the electric garage door opener receives most of a door system’s use. Inspect the chain/screw drive and moving parts each spring, lubricating as needed. Also check that photo eyes and safety reverse are working correctly. A sluggish or faulty operator indicates it’s nearing replacement time to avoid potential safety issues down the road.

Our Recommendation

We definitely recommend integrating these basic maintenance checks into your annual household to-do list. Any problems spotted early are simpler fixes, so setting reminders for yourself pays off significantly in extended door longevity. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any part of this inspection process performed professionally. With regular care, your garage door can last its designed service life and then some!


Taking 15 minutes annually for simple maintenance checks and lubrication makes a huge difference in prolonging your garage door investment over its service life. As always, the team at Integrity is here to help with any professional installation or repair needs that may arise. Proper care keeps doors running safely and dependably for many years to come.


On average, following a basic annual checkup routine according to the manufacturer’s guidelines can increase a garage door’s lifespan by 25-50%. Some components may still need replacing earlier, but the critical moving parts driving the door function can often serve 10+ additional years beyond expected life with routine lubrication and adjustments.

We always recommend addressing any maintenance or repair needs as soon as possible rather than waiting for the next scheduled check. Issues like new noises, binding, cracks or noticeably reduced performance indicate wear progressing at an increased rate. The longer potential problems are left unfixed, the more likely further damage could occur requiring more complex repairs down the line. Feel free to contact us for an assessment any time.